Hunters Downstream Exhibition

“Hunters Downstream” is my latest experiment  where I got the chance to collaborate with writer Sarah Woolner, composer Hutch Demouilpied and actor Penelope McGhie. I wanted to create a fully immersive environment, to guide you through a journey across 5 different physical spaces/rooms where you would navigate inside a memory.

It is an installation, it is a journey, it is a spectacle…. and a mixture of a lot of other stuff.  I wanted to be playful, I wanted to capture a memory in its raw state: feeling images, repetition, sounds and the perception of memories more leaning towards the language of dream than the one of reality and film. I feel this is the beginning of a new journey where I can start to explore immersive experiences.

So in short, “Hunters Downstream” is an immersive multimedia installation combining projected animation, miniature sets, kinetic sculptures and soundscapes. The installation merges film, theatre, sculpture and drawings to create something that is its own kind of spectacle.

I am currently making a short film exploring the exhibition in a cinematic format and adding new elements. Meanwhile you can have a glimpse of the exhibition in the video below

(These clips were taken during the opening night)

“Hunters Downstream”, the exhibition opened on the 16 May 2015 at Watford Museum, England, UK. The installation was funded by for Museum at Night & Culture 24.

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Photos taken by John Osborne and Sarah Priestley 

The Event was part of Museum at Night at Watford Museum and was funded by Watford Museum. This works could have not being created without the support  and enthusiasm of the museum staff!

Special Event at Watford Museum for Museum at Night to explore kinetic animations, soundscapes, drop in zoetrope workshop, live music, vinyl sale, drink bar, exhbitions, and more with: installation by Mew Lab, Voice by Penelope McGhie, story by Sarah Woolner, Soundscape by Hutch Demouilpied, vinyl sale & coffees bar by The LP Cafe, exhibition by Sheelagh Frew Crane -RunBlackWolf , zoetroope, workshop by Quirky Pictures with Suraya Rajamusic by Minnie Birch and  Tom M Craven, locally breweed beer from Pope’s Yard Brewery, kinetic sculputre premiere by Lobby Lud, Wrap workshop with R Katterhorn


New Dance Animation Project

I am directing and  animating as MewLab a short film entitled “Something out of Nothing”. It is a short dance animated film using hand drawn loops, cut out, stop motion, pixillation and composited in AFX.  The short film will be part of the project backdrop for a performance piece to be showcased by Dance Digital in June 2013.  The story is based on few memories told by the participants ( 10 professional and non-professional dancer age 5 to 60), the moment and the visual have all being created in a collaboration with the choreographer, the dancers and the director

The Water Bearer, a short film for the Heritage Lottery Funds

I am directing and  animating as MewLab a short film entitled “The Water Bearer”, funded by the Heritage Lottery Funds

The short is written by Jonathan Carr and commissioned by Natalie Chambers for Twyford Waterworks Trust . It is a short animated film using Hand drawn loops, cut out and composited in AFX. It tells the story of  Twyford Waterworks and it was funded by the National Lottery and the Heritage Lottery Fund  for the opening of the new and revamped museum . I have created a blog of the full process from conception to its imminent delivery – from initial visual, to animatic and commissioned bits of animation