My film LOVE IN IDLENESS will screen in the ANIMATION SELECTION at the ICA for the London Short Film Festival LSFF this Friday 13 Jan at 20:15

FLAMIN at the London Short Film Festival
London Short Film Festival began last week at the ICA, running until Sunday 15 January. The Festival showcases new documentary, experimental and fictional short films alongside a programme of special events.
Don’t miss the FLAMIN commissioned experimental animation Love in Idleness by Kim Noce, shown as part of the New Shorts: Animation Selection event on Friday 13 January. Tickets are still available!
The short was commissioned as part of FLAMIN’s experimental animation programme Still Shakespeare, inspired by original research by Sally Barnden and produced in partnership with the London Shakespeare Centre at King’s College London and animation companies Film Club at Th1ng and Sherbert. Ideas were developed during workshops supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s College London.


Image: Kim Noce, Love in Idleness (2016)


Director & Animator: Kim Noce
Producer: Sue Loughlin
Assistant Director:  Shaun Clark
Composer & Sound Designer: Hutch Demouilpied
Editor:  Benji Gerstein
Sound Mixer: Chris White





Love in Idleness at EIFF

“Love in Idleness” is my short film commissioned by Film London and made in conjunction with Film Club Th1ng will premiere at this years Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The films is nominate for the McLaren Award and will be shown on the ‘The McLaren Award: New British Animation 2’,  Thursday 23 June 16:15 Filmhouse 1

Here you can view a clip of the film

EIFF prize itself to be a festival committed to showcasing the most exciting, original and challenging new films and the most promising new talent, each year EIFF welcomes over 1,400 industry delegates, filmmakers and members of the press. The 70th EIFF will take place from 15 to 26 June 2016.

Full program can be found at

“Love in idleness it is a film exploring the fleeting delusional love relationship between Titania and Bottom. The film is made with charcoal on paper, the images are a series of drawings constantly erased and retraced.
Here below you can see a little clip behind the scenes

Nest of Stone won the jury Prize

Nest of Stone won the jury Prize for the professional short film competition at the BeThere Animation Festival in Corfu Greece.

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Poster for BeThere Corfu Animation Festival

Hi had the pleasure to design the Poster for the 5th Be there Animation Festival in Corfu. For the poster I drew inspiration from some of the iconography of my favourite “wild” artists, such as Yeronimous bosch, Henri Rousseau, Marc Chagall and Gemma Carrington.  Homage images are dotted in the poster.

The theme as requested by BeThere was based portraying Europe, with all its charm and contradictions. I tried to capture the essence of Europe. “Europa” as an idea. “Europa” is a child: her head made of everything she learns, hopes, and fears. She isn’t yet an adult, free, full of potential… but chaotic, messy.  A child makes mistakes but has hope for the future. Everything is made of ideas.

Vasillis, the director of the festival kindly wrote “The talented Kim Noce has the ability to capture an almost magical sense of the face within an environment always complex, always interesting”

I would recommend for anyone head to the festival for the weekend of the 15th Oct


Click to see a larger view

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Official Selection #Gif for #Fantoche Festival

I am delighted a GIF Emma Allen and I created at the southbank for “WebWeWant” has been included in the wonderful Fantoche  GIF programme “#gif #fantoche“.

The film event will be shown two times, one Wednesday in the location „Royal“ where „Bit-Tuner“ ( will produce the beats to it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 18.29.31

The second time it will be shown on Saturday at the „Fantoche on Bikes“, an open air bike powered cinema where „Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe “( will contribute the music. Both screenings will be free of charge, and open to everyone to go to Fantoche and enjoy our work on the big screen.

5 September, 9 p. m., no entry fee #gif #fantoche, 55‘

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 18.27.18

As an ever-changing online format for micro-animations, GIF culture is continuing to gain recognition as an art form. The combination of speed, innovation and almost limitless adaptability is key to its popularity. As part of a curated programme, Fantoche will show the funniest, most beautiful and most exciting GIFs set to a score performed live on-site.
In Animation Goes Multimedia Fantoche looks into the subject of the interaction of cinematic animation with other art genres in multimedia-based daily application.In this project we want to show how animation finds new areas of application through exhibitions, workshops and panel-talks. We would like to show the visitors how animation will draw attention in the future on a daily basis: what new worlds on your smartphone will you carry around in your pockets in the future? How are we being influenced by the more and more realistic gameworlds, books with augmented reality, and animation in urban space? What interfaces are there between animation and graphic design, game design, interactive design and publicity? Fantoche depicts complex contexts for a wide public with exhibitions where visitors can click and scroll actively.

When Fantoche first launched back in 1995, it announced itself as the “new arrival in the Swiss festival landscape, a sapling in the shadow of Zurich’s cultural hothouse.” The founders of Fantoche, Otto Alder, Frank Braun, Suzanne Buchan and Peter Hossli, were inspired by a sense of idealism, by an absolute love of animation, as well as by the desire to open up this “realm of boundless opportunities” to Switzerland.

Fantoche is both a festival for the general public and a meeting place for the film and creative industries in equal measure. It comprises an international and a national short film competition, a carefully chosen selection of animated feature films, its own programme slots for innovative computer games, themes with in-depth insights into the medium of animation and games, a multifaceted programme for children and young people, school classes and student groups as well as a diverse offering of lectures, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitions.


Nest week Shaun and I are off to Edinburgh International Film Festival where we will be screening the World Premiere of our new film “The evening her mind jumped out of her head”. A hand drawn 8 minute animation, tells the story of  a serious woman who is forced to lighten up when her mind jumps out of her head. The film will be part of the Mclaren Award: New British Animation Section screening 2 and will be shown on the 24th June, 16:00 at Filmhouse 1.

Shortly afterwards it will screen at Anima Mundi in Brasil.

For more information about the film please visit the website here: website and tickets can be bought here 

The Mclaren Award: New British Animation Section 2

From the sublime to the silly, this collection of outstanding UK-produced animation is a tour-de-force of talent. It is tempting to describe the selection as introspective, as many directors look inwards examining the culture and consumption of animation. But for every post-modern conundrum, there are joyous extrapolations of other ideas. All films in McLaren Award programmes are eligible for this year’s prize, voted on by you: the audience!

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 12.05.51

Hunters Downstream Exhibition

“Hunters Downstream” is my latest experiment  where I got the chance to collaborate with writer Sarah Woolner, composer Hutch Demouilpied and actor Penelope McGhie. I wanted to create a fully immersive environment, to guide you through a journey across 5 different physical spaces/rooms where you would navigate inside a memory.

It is an installation, it is a journey, it is a spectacle…. and a mixture of a lot of other stuff.  I wanted to be playful, I wanted to capture a memory in its raw state: feeling images, repetition, sounds and the perception of memories more leaning towards the language of dream than the one of reality and film. I feel this is the beginning of a new journey where I can start to explore immersive experiences.

So in short, “Hunters Downstream” is an immersive multimedia installation combining projected animation, miniature sets, kinetic sculptures and soundscapes. The installation merges film, theatre, sculpture and drawings to create something that is its own kind of spectacle.

I am currently making a short film exploring the exhibition in a cinematic format and adding new elements. Meanwhile you can have a glimpse of the exhibition in the video below

(These clips were taken during the opening night)

“Hunters Downstream”, the exhibition opened on the 16 May 2015 at Watford Museum, England, UK. The installation was funded by for Museum at Night & Culture 24.

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Photos taken by John Osborne and Sarah Priestley 

The Event was part of Museum at Night at Watford Museum and was funded by Watford Museum. This works could have not being created without the support  and enthusiasm of the museum staff!

Special Event at Watford Museum for Museum at Night to explore kinetic animations, soundscapes, drop in zoetrope workshop, live music, vinyl sale, drink bar, exhbitions, and more with: installation by Mew Lab, Voice by Penelope McGhie, story by Sarah Woolner, Soundscape by Hutch Demouilpied, vinyl sale & coffees bar by The LP Cafe, exhibition by Sheelagh Frew Crane -RunBlackWolf , zoetroope, workshop by Quirky Pictures with Suraya Rajamusic by Minnie Birch and  Tom M Craven, locally breweed beer from Pope’s Yard Brewery, kinetic sculputre premiere by Lobby Lud, Wrap workshop with R Katterhorn