Poster for BeThere Corfu Animation Festival

Hi had the pleasure to design the Poster for the 5th Be there Animation Festival in Corfu. For the poster I drew inspiration from some of the iconography of my favourite “wild” artists, such as Yeronimous bosch, Henri Rousseau, Marc Chagall and Gemma Carrington.  Homage images are dotted in the poster.

The theme as requested by BeThere was based portraying Europe, with all its charm and contradictions. I tried to capture the essence of Europe. “Europa” as an idea. “Europa” is a child: her head made of everything she learns, hopes, and fears. She isn’t yet an adult, free, full of potential… but chaotic, messy.  A child makes mistakes but has hope for the future. Everything is made of ideas.

Vasillis, the director of the festival kindly wrote “The talented Kim Noce has the ability to capture an almost magical sense of the face within an environment always complex, always interesting”

I would recommend for anyone head to the festival for the weekend of the 15th Oct


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Official Selection #Gif for #Fantoche Festival

I am delighted a GIF Emma Allen and I created at the southbank for “WebWeWant” has been included in the wonderful Fantoche  GIF programme “#gif #fantoche“.

The film event will be shown two times, one Wednesday in the location „Royal“ where „Bit-Tuner“ ( will produce the beats to it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 18.29.31

The second time it will be shown on Saturday at the „Fantoche on Bikes“, an open air bike powered cinema where „Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe “( will contribute the music. Both screenings will be free of charge, and open to everyone to go to Fantoche and enjoy our work on the big screen.

5 September, 9 p. m., no entry fee #gif #fantoche, 55‘

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 18.27.18

As an ever-changing online format for micro-animations, GIF culture is continuing to gain recognition as an art form. The combination of speed, innovation and almost limitless adaptability is key to its popularity. As part of a curated programme, Fantoche will show the funniest, most beautiful and most exciting GIFs set to a score performed live on-site.
In Animation Goes Multimedia Fantoche looks into the subject of the interaction of cinematic animation with other art genres in multimedia-based daily application.In this project we want to show how animation finds new areas of application through exhibitions, workshops and panel-talks. We would like to show the visitors how animation will draw attention in the future on a daily basis: what new worlds on your smartphone will you carry around in your pockets in the future? How are we being influenced by the more and more realistic gameworlds, books with augmented reality, and animation in urban space? What interfaces are there between animation and graphic design, game design, interactive design and publicity? Fantoche depicts complex contexts for a wide public with exhibitions where visitors can click and scroll actively.

When Fantoche first launched back in 1995, it announced itself as the “new arrival in the Swiss festival landscape, a sapling in the shadow of Zurich’s cultural hothouse.” The founders of Fantoche, Otto Alder, Frank Braun, Suzanne Buchan and Peter Hossli, were inspired by a sense of idealism, by an absolute love of animation, as well as by the desire to open up this “realm of boundless opportunities” to Switzerland.

Fantoche is both a festival for the general public and a meeting place for the film and creative industries in equal measure. It comprises an international and a national short film competition, a carefully chosen selection of animated feature films, its own programme slots for innovative computer games, themes with in-depth insights into the medium of animation and games, a multifaceted programme for children and young people, school classes and student groups as well as a diverse offering of lectures, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitions.

“Nest of Stone” 33rd Canadian Premiere at Vancouver International Film Festival

I am delighted to announce “Nest of Stone” has been selected  to premiere in Canada at the 33rd Vancouver International Film Festival. As one of the largest film festivals in North America, the 33rd annual Vancouver International Film Festival brings Vancouver audiences some of the best films from around the globe. A true celebration of film.  The 33rd annual Vancouver International Film Festival runs from Thursday, September 25 to Friday, October 10, 2014.

VIFF introduces you to exceptional international artists who push short-form storytelling to its limits.


One Of The Largest Film Festivals in North America

This fall, the 33rd annual Vancouver International Film Festival welcomes some of the world’s finest films to one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. For 16 days, almost 365 films from over 70 countries will play on nine screens. Plus: Dozens of directors, writers and actors will be on hand for insightful—and occasionally provocative—post-screening Q&A sessions. In addition to entertaining and essential viewing for film lovers, VIFF also provides invaluable resources for media professionals with VIFF Industry’s development sessions, one-on-one meetings and networking receptions.

Nest of stone  VIFF 2014

International Shorts

“Nest of Stone” Oct 07 11:45am  Buy ticket here ( )

These days, brevity ain’t just the soul of wit. Our entire online world is abuzz with rapid-fire communication, and moving-image “clips” tend to last about the length of a commercial break. thank heavens there are content creators out there who are treating their communications so seriously that they are making fabulous, artistic, big-screen-worthy cinema!

VIFF is ramping up its commitment to short films and we are delighted to have a great sponsor for this investment. The short-film format has been around since the dawn of cinema, but never has it been so relevant. We’ve featured extensive programs of Canadian short films for decades, and our goal now is to expand the number of international shorts in our program.

Nest of Stone at Encounters Film Festival 2014


Nest of Stone”  has been selected to screen in competition as part of Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2014 and it is eligible for the Encounters Grand Prix Award and may also be eligible for other awards It allows the film to participate for the BAFTAs, the Oscars®, the European Film Awards and the Cartoon d’Or.

Nest of Stone”  will be screened during the festival as part of ANI 1-The Sands of Time at the following time: 12:00, Wednesday 17th September 2014 with Q&A session every afternoon at 16:30 on the same day

Tickets and passes can be bought here

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 16.14.02

The full programme will be screened at Watershed in Bristol (16-21 September 2014), with the awards being announced during our Awards Ceremony on Saturday 20 September.

Encounters Festival is the UK’s leading short film and animation festival, and the annual meeting place for filmmakers and industry professionals. Based in Bristol, UK, Encounters runs a six day festival in September and its main venues are Watershed and Arnolfini, on Bristol’s scenic Harbourside.

Encounters Festival is the leading UK gateway to the world’s most prestigious short film and animation awards, and nominated filmmakers qualify for the BAFTAs, the Oscars®, the European Film Awards and the Cartoon d’Or.

Encounters Festival presents an annual International Competition showing the best new short and animated films from around the world, an Industry Forum offering masterclasses, panels and networking for filmmakers and professionals and an inspiring festival programme of screenings and events for everyone to enjoy.

So whether you are a filmmaker looking to launch or develop your career, an Industry professional wanting to stay abreast of what’s new or you are a film lover and want to soak up the festival atmosphere by watching great films and special events, check out our online programme to find out what’s happening at Encounters Festival 2014.

In 2014 Encounters Festival celebrates 20 years as the UK’s leading short film and animation festival, presenting 20/20: Looking back to look forward.

20/20 Looking back to look forward connects the past to the future, presenting a special anniversary celebration of unmissable films, live performances, radical debates and forward thinking visions in sound and image.



My new film Nest of Stone screening tonight at EIFF 14

My new film Nest of Stone  , is screening tonight at 68th Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014  , Thursday 26 June 18:15 Filmhouse 1.   The screening is entitled: Reflections on identity, memory and remembrance short films produced in the UK contributes to themes of contemplation and commemoration with a diverse programme of work drawing on observation, personality, bereavement, and – in the year which also marks the centenary of the First World War – remembrance. The film will be part of the MCLAREN AWARD: NEW BRITISH ANIMATION 2 short film programme and it has been selected for the shorts jury competition eligible to win one of the following awards: -The Award for Best Short Film
-The Award for Creative Innovation in a Short Film
-The Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Short Film The award ceremony will take place on Friday 27th June in Filmhouse 1.

Here a lovely articleEIFF 2014: The McLaren Award, New British Animation 2 | Skwigly

The Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) is an annual fortnight of cinema screenings and related events taking place each June. Established in 1947, it is the world’s oldest continually running film festival.The EIFF presents both UK and international films (all titles are World, International, European or UK Premieres), in all genres and lengths. EIFF 2014 will the Festival’s 68th Edition and runs 18–29 June 2014.

The 2014 Edition will feature activity from the McLaren 2014 Centenary Celebrations, a Scotland-wide project celebrating the centenary of the trailblazing artist, animator, musician Norman McLaren. Born in Stirling, Scotland McLaren spent much of his time in Canada where he helped to set up the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). McLaren 2014 is led by EIFF’s Animation Programmer Iain Gardner and will take place at venues throughout Scotland from April 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.23.43

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 13.44.40

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 13.45.40


High above the Sky screening at the BFI for Birds Eve View Festival

I am delighted as a part of Bird Eye View Film Festival, my film High Above the Sky  ( co-directed with Shaun Clark) will be screened at the BFI on the 13 April at amongst 7 other short films including Joanna Quinn’s BAFTA-winning, Oscar® nominated FAMOUS FRED.

The screening will be preceded by a ‘MAKE-YOUR-OWN ANIMATION’ WORKSHOP – a unique chance for kids to bring their own animations to life, with a WORLD PREMIERE OF THE RESULTING FILM showing on the BIG SCREEN! The event will also feature more great animated shorts for children and a chance to speak directly to filmmakers in a Q&A SESSION.

You can Book Tickets Here.

More information can be found at

Spot a clip of High Above the Sky in the festival Trailer

And here a pic of the Q&A, with Suzanne Deaking, Laura Kloss and myself ( the audience is there, they are just a lot of “small people”)

photo 3

Forget Me Not screening at the BFI

My Short film “Forget Me not” has been shortlisted and will be screened at the SAF SHORTS  at the BFI with a Q&A afterwards . The screening is organised by the SAF Forum.  You can book your seat here for the 25th January screening at 1PM. All the information and details can be found below


Date: Saturday 25th January 1pm

Location: BFI Southbank

Book your seat here: 

Ranging from experimental film to animation, documentary and stories about human relationships, SAF SHORTS spotlights a selection of creative films that show the reality and fantasy of London. Supported by the BFI, SAF SHORTS programme will enable a platform to showcase exciting film making talent. Join us for a cinematic Saturday afternoon at the BFI on January 25th 2014 for just £5. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with some of the filmmakers moderated by SAF.