In the Beginning (Berries)

Director and Animator: Kim Noce
Producer Rob Marr
Writer: Rob Marr
Narration: Josh O’Connor
Duration: 4 min 20 sec

Synopsis: Chapter 1. A berry eating competition between two young boys becomes an event rippling down generations. An animated chapter from “The Book of Man” written by Rob Marr; directed and animated by Kim Noce.

(Clip from In the Beginning (Berries) – Chapter 1)
Link to “In the Beginning (Berries) Chapter 1 
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The Book of Man (Chapter 1 & 2)
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Festivals & Awards
2020, 23-30 August IFF ISO FILM FESTIVAL 2020 _ Immersive Film festival

Director statement

The Book of Man was conceived and written by Robert Marr. The album is a combination of songs interwoven with stories that cover four generations of the male side of his family. The tale begins with a berry eating competition between two young boys. The younger child is poisoned and dies. The older boy (his grandfather) is exiled to boarding school. As the songs and stories unfold we see the ripples of this event down the generations.

We collaborated as directors on separate Chapters of the story: Chapter 1, a podcast, by Kim Noce; and Chapter 2, a song, by Nica Harrison. Together we decide to explore the art of animation and comics, how it can be merged in the moving format retaining the beauty of both two arts. We created a grid inspired by Emma Kunz healing geometrical patterns and each of us developed our own take on the story. The film developed as an hybrid between animation, comic book and podcast

Kim Noce: Personally I aimed to create a “dance” between silences and images, words and movement, stillness and shapes to capture what it feels to remember stories we are told that becomes ours;. Looking at Emma Kunz healing geometrical pattern, I have designed patterns to allow each character to become a fitting puzzle to the unfolding event. (

Nica Harrison: I was interested in looking at various options for dividing the space of the screen to allow several narratives happen simultaneously. The particular challenge was to find a correct balance between filling the screen with animation and leaving enough space to keep the words of the song in focus. (

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Book of Man

A musical podcast drama about the fathers and sons of 4 generations of same familyJosh O’Connor narratorReleased 30th October on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts.

Book of Man is a 3-part musical podcast drama. The 1st episode will be released at 9am on Friday 30th October. Episodes 2 and 3 will be released weekly, on Friday 6th November and Friday 13th November. Narrated by BAFTA-winner Josh O’Connor,

Book of Man is a tender, unflinching examination of the relationships between the fathers and sons of four generations of the same family. This epic song story, by writer and musician Rob Marr, is uniquely composed of short narratives interwoven with original songs, to create a truly immersive storytelling experience.

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