Poster for BeThere Corfu Animation Festival

Hi had the pleasure to design the Poster for the 5th Be there Animation Festival in Corfu. For the poster I drew inspiration from some of the iconography of my favourite “wild” artists, such as Yeronimous bosch, Henri Rousseau, Marc Chagall and Gemma Carrington.  Homage images are dotted in the poster.

The theme as requested by BeThere was based portraying Europe, with all its charm and contradictions. I tried to capture the essence of Europe. “Europa” as an idea. “Europa” is a child: her head made of everything she learns, hopes, and fears. She isn’t yet an adult, free, full of potential… but chaotic, messy.  A child makes mistakes but has hope for the future. Everything is made of ideas.

Vasillis, the director of the festival kindly wrote “The talented Kim Noce has the ability to capture an almost magical sense of the face within an environment always complex, always interesting”

I would recommend for anyone head to the festival for the weekend of the 15th Oct


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